Type your sources coordinates (RA and Dec dd:mm:ss.s) into ACE.


Click the big green Go To button in ACE and make sure that the altitude is high (> 25 degrees) when it tells you where it plans to go. Click OK and you should see a note that the telescope is slewing.

Once the telescope is done slewing, turn on Auto Dome by going to Dome -> Auto Dome and let the dome move. Poke your head upstairs in the dome and check that the telescope/dome slit are aligned. If they are not, check the FAQs for directions on how to align them.

In Maxim DL, select Light form the Expose tab of the Camera Control Window and set a short exposure time (10 s). Take an image by clicking the Start button.

Check the focus of the stars. To do this, select View > Information Window in Maxim DL. This will turn your mouse into a cyan donut when it is over the image. Center the donut on a star, the Information window will update the star's FWHM. You want the FWHM to be as small as possible. Usually a good starting guess for the focus on the Apogee CCD is 145,000 as listed in ACE.

If you think you can do better, open the focus window (Telescope > Focus in ACE) and jog the focus using ACE and then take another image to see if things have gotten better.

Once you are happy with your focus, you are ready to take images of your object! You'll probably want a longer exposure time. Don't forget to notice what filter you are using in the ACE window, and change it if needed.

Spotter CCD is now working (7/5/15) and it is in focus. The focus is set at 39750.

Don't forget to save your image with Save As!


Sec (Z) aka Airmass - Located in ACE on right hand side.

In MaxIm DL: Analyze>Photometry... allows you to view the FWHM measurement

Must close Photometry window when taking continuous exposures.

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