Here is where we can sign up for nights of the week observing. No more than three people should sign up for any night. Everyone should get their first preference for a night before anyone signs up for a second night.

Please note if you have a car or no car in parentheses after your name. If you have a car, please try to sign up for a night which lacks a person with a car.

Please note if you are an experienced observer in parentheses after your name. Try to spread out the experienced observers on different nights so we can train people!

If you decide a night of the week no longer works for you, please remove your name from that day.

Summer 2017 Edit

Day Observer #1 Observer #2 Observer #3
Monday Jonathan Semeyn


Omid Noroozi


Tuesday Daniel Coulter (car/expert/key) Matt Bundas (car/intermediate)
Wednesday Joey Seitz


Seth Bruzewski (car/intermediate) Austin Silcox (car/expert/key)

Huei Sears


Emily Washington


Joey Seitz


Friday Huei Sears


Dylan Mankel


Matt Marshall (car/novice)
Saturday Daniel Coulter (car/expert/key) Autumn Cain (car/novice)
Sunday Megan Campbell


Jacob Crosby


On Call (if your partner is gone or you need someone with a key) Daniel Coulter (car/expert/key) 517-899-2782 Huei Sears

(car/expert/key) 517-391-0902

Lilia Tremou



People who have keys to the Observatory: Edit

Huei Sears

Daniel Coulter (517-899-2782)

Austin Silcox

Joey Seitz (810-923-6292)

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