After you've done your first 1--2 nights of observation (open-to-close), email me to tell me that you plan to stick with MORP. I'll tell Brenda Wenzlick that I approve you to be hired.

If you have never worked on campus, you will also need to go online and fill out section 1 of the I-9 form before you see Brenda to be processed. When you finish filling out Section I, at the end, you will be presented with a list of documents that you can choose from to bring in to show Brenda so she can complete Section II of the I-9 form.

Next, talk to Brenda Wenzlick (; Office in BPS 3218) and get officially hired and processed (bringing the necessary documents, as specified by the I9 website). Hiring and processing can take from one to three weeks or more. Things might be especially complicated if you are an international student, so be sure to talk to Brenda early if this is you.

Once you are hired, you are ready to submit timesheets! You can find a blank template here. Timesheets are due every-other Monday, per the schedule listed here. Email your filled-in timesheet to Laura a few days before it is due. She will approve it and forward it on to Brenda, for you to be paid.

You might want to review the student employment manual.

Contact Brenda Wenzlick (; Office in BPS 3218) with questions about payroll.

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